List of Nadi Astrology Chapters (Kandams)

The Palm leaves consist of sixteen chapters or Kandams, which are meticulously arranged manuscripts. These Kandams cover a wide range of topics related to both materialistic and spiritual aspects of an individual’s life, including family, marriage, profession, wealth, luck, and the relationship between siblings. Some chapters delve into details about past lives and the consequences of sins committed. Atri Maharishi’s significance is highlighted in chapters 2 to 16 as he provides solutions for the problems mentioned in each separate kandam. This summary encompasses Nadi Chapters 1 to 16.

Chapter 1 of Nadi Astrology, titled Kandam 1,
provides a comprehensive report that includes the Nadi seeker’s name, life span, lifestyle, identity, spouse’s name, parents’ names, profession details, siblings’ information, and children’s names. It also offers a summary of future predictions for all 12 houses in the horoscope based on the planetary positions at the time of birth as mentioned in the Nadi leaf.

In Nadi Astrology’s second chapter known as Kandam 2,

the focus is on the Nadi seeker’s education and wealth. This chapter provides detailed information about their family background and financial status. Additionally, it contains insights into their eyesight and speech-related abilities.

Chapter 3 of Nadi Astrology, titled Brothers and Sisters,

reveals the names and dynamics of the Nadi seeker’s siblings, shedding light on any issues or animosity within these relationships. It also explores the positive and negative aspects of their bond.

In Kandam 4 of Nadi Astrology, referred to as Mother, Assets and Fortune,

the focus shifts to the Nadi seeker’s mother and her profound impact on their life. This chapter delves into both the advantages and challenges associated with this maternal influence. Additionally, it provides insights into the seeker’s possessions such as their house, vehicles, land, treasures, as well as their overall material comfort and accomplishments.

Chapter 5 of Nadi Astrology, titled Children and Offspring, delves into the seeker’s future regarding their children.

It predicts their birth, lifespan, achievements, problems, and even their death. Additionally, it offers remedies for any issues related to children. The chapter also provides insights on whether the seeker will have children or not.

Chapter 6 of Nadi Astrology, known as Kandam 6, delves into the realm of disease, debt, and legal disputes.

This section offers comprehensive insights into the origins of illnesses, their duration, and the impact they have on the seeker’s life. Additionally, it sheds light on adversaries and litigation matters, including their causes and the duration of suffering endured as a result. Furthermore, it presents remedies to avoid such difficulties and suggests positive actions for attaining success.

Chapter 7 of Nadi Astrology, titled Kandam 7: Matrimony,

provides valuable insights into the marriage details of the Nadi seeker. It includes information such as the date, time, and place of marriage, as well as the name of the spouse and auspicious timing for the wedding. Additionally, it delves into causes and solutions for delays in marriage, future prospects of the union, compatibility factors, and potential conflicts with the spouse.

Chapter 8 of Nadi Astrology, titled Life Span,
focuses on various aspects related to one’s lifespan such as the possibility of accidents, court litigation, and other related matters.

Chapter 9 of Nadi Astrology, titled Property, Father, Spiritual Inclinations,
provides insights into the ancestral property of the Nadi seeker, details about their father, wealth accumulation prospects, places of worship, and any spiritual inclinations they may have.

In Chapter 10 of Nadi Astrology, referred to as Business,

a comprehensive analysis is presented regarding the suitable type of business for an individual. It also delves into potential profitability and losses associated with different business ventures.

Chapter 11 of Nadi Astrology

provides insights into how you will acquire benefits through various means of transportation, such as cars and motorcycles, as well as details about your second wife in a potential second marriage.

Chapter 12 of Nadi Astrology focuses on your money expenditure patterns,

including how you have spent your money and the circumstances surrounding it. Additionally, it delves into topics such as attaining Moksha (heavenly status), financial gains, elevated social standing resulting from foreign travels and connections. Furthermore, this chapter explores the specifics of your future birth, including the location and living conditions.

Chapter 13 of Nadi Astrology, also known as Kandam 13,

focuses on the past life and the consequences of past life sins in the present life. It also provides remedies to overcome these negative effects.

Chapter 14, or Kandam 14, of Nadi Astrology is dedicated to the teachings and recitation of sacred mantras.

It covers the importance of chanting these mantras and keeping holy materials in the prayer room. Additionally, it explores how these mantras can be used to subdue enemies, resolve legal disputes, and counteract negative influences.

Chapter 15 of Nadi Astrology, titled Gnanna Kandam

focuses on the exploration of spiritual growth and the potential to achieve enlightenment and divine connection. It delves into the significance of finding a wise mentor or guide to attain profound wisdom.

Chapter 16, known as Political Kandam,

in Nadi Astrology revolves around predictions regarding engagement in social welfare and political endeavors. It provides insights into one’s involvement in public service and their political journey.

The above said all kandams predicated by sages. Which the same reflected in kandam details. We are not telling more details ourselves rather than the palm leaves. Kandam 2 to 12 will give future predictions upto end of life from the date of perusal of that kandam.