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Nadi Astrology is the guidelines of ancient saints and sages to guide the life of good souls which are connected with spiritual in this life or previous life or next life.

Have a chance to get your life guidelines Nadi Astrology Psychic reading by Saint Agastya

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Now we are doing Nadi Astrology psychic reading service just by phone, no need to visit our center. Its because of customers convenience and Covid-19 reasons. Now you can get readings easy and happy.

For getting nadi astrology psychic reading just focus your mobile camera on your thumb (Male-Right, Female-Left), Capture a clear picture with clear visibility of lines in the thumb.

Send it by WhatsApp +91 9791977159.


We will fix an appointment for searching your nadi astrology leaf, this process will takes one hour.

In this process 80% chances are there to find your Nadi leaf. 20% people are not getting their Nadi leaf in our experience.


After traced out your Nadi astrology leaf you have to select and pay for the chapter which you need.

Then our Nadi Reader will prepare your Nadi astrology psychic reading with utmost dedicated and then explain to you by phone call or video call.

Also the reading will be recorded and send to your email.

Your doubts will be settled

You can ask questions in the Nadi astrology psychic reading session, your doubts will be settled. Your satisfaction is our happy.

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