Chapter 1

Brief predictions of your future life, karmas and remedies.

Chapter 2

About Finance, Education and Eyes.

Chapter 3

About Brothers, Sisters and Braveness.

Chapter 4

About Mother, House, Vehicles and Property.

Chapter 5

About Children and their developments.

Chapter 6

About Health, Enemies and Court case.

Chapter 7

About Marriage and marriage life.

Chapter 8

About Accidents, Longevity and Dangerous situations.

Chapter 9

About Father, Fortunes, Blessings of Guru and Spiritual.

Chapter 10

About Job, Business and Self Employment.

Chapter 11

About Next Marriage, way for Success and Profits.

Chapter 12

Way of expenses, Foreign visits and Next Birth.

Special Chapters

Chapter 16

Some planets will rule some period in every person life. This chapter will give predictions for the current planet period.

Chapter 17

Some people having interested in spiritual. This chapter will explains about spiritual guidline for your life.

Chapter 18

It will explains about the soul travel of died people in their family. About its present state (roaming in the space/attained salvation/taken rebirth). It is believed, if the departed soul roams in formless form, it may affect the progress of the descendents, their marital lives, getting children etc.

Chapter 19

This is also spiritual related chapter. It will explains about reason of this life and what are the works in pending that the soul has to complete and which God is blessing the person and what are the blessings.

Chapter 20

It deals with the queries of the individuals and it offers them the right solutions to get relived from their problems. The individual is restricted to frame only five straight questions.

Chapter 21

It will explains about next one year deeply with remedies.


First Category

Chapter 1


Second Category

You can add any three Chapters additionally with Chapter 1

Third Category

It will covers all 12 chapters with important points.


Fourth Category

It will covers all 12 chapters in detailed form till the last breath.