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Nadi Astrology

This Nadi astrology is written by saint Agastya by getting the blessings of lord Shiva and Parvathi. It is not for all people in this world, psychic reading is written for some selected groups of souls only. Souls which are connected with spiritual in this life or previous life or next life are called selected souls. To guide them in right path this Nadi astrology has been written by saint Agastya. It is written based on the shape of thumb lines, there are so many types of thumb line shapes around the world, but Nadi astrology is written for 108 types of thumb line shape groups. You can get a clear path of life by getting reading from Nadi astrology.

Nadi Astrologers

There is a community called Valluvar in Tamilnadu - India. This community people are traditionally deep routed in nadi astrology psychic reading and Ayurveda by following the scripts of saint Agastya. This people are origin of Mahan Thiruvalluvar who wrote Thirukural. We are from the origin of Valluvar community. Our forefathers spent their lives to guide the kings in astrological and Ayurveda needs, doing worship activities for god, maintaining valuable things of kings family and temples. Because of many Invaders we lost our unique identity. But still we are doing Astrology service for people around the world by the blessings of Saint Agastya.

Our Astrology Center

We are providing Astrology service to people around this world for over 80 years. Before that our forefathers provided their services only to kings family. In my Knowledge I am Agatthiyar in the 4th generation doing this divine service nadi astrology psychic reading. Most of our customers are from India, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Mongolia, Russia, Japan, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sri Lanka, Korea, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Turkey, Italy, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Canada, US, Switzerland and Australia. We are doing our utmost dedicated service for the happiness of people.